Wednesday, September 22, 2021

More About Last Night's Council Meeting

In reporting about last night's Common Council meeting, Gossips chose to write first about the issue of security at City Hall. When that post was ready to be published, the power and internet service went out for two hours here at Gossips Central.

Roger Hannigan Gilson chose the "good cause" eviction law as his topic to write about for the Times Union: "Hudson's Common Council passes groundbreaking anti-eviction law." Gossips may have more to say about the law and what transpired at the meeting, but, for now, read what Gilson reported about the law and the vote.


  1. Great, another lawsuit on the way. How many lawsuits does the council expect us to pay for?

  2. At the time in 1994 when Hudson had 8,127 residents according to Gilson's article many of the buildings on Warren Street had former retail spaces on the ground floor of the buldings converted into apartments. Following the suggestions of Roberta Gratz and the 'Main Street' people who came to Hudson to discuss how to improve a Main Street, people who purchased new buildings at the time did convert those apartments into stores. The buildings were not converted in 'glitzy' one family homes back then. This is how Warren Street - and all the lower blocks below the two designated as the 'business district' (500 and 600 block) became vibrant all the way down. Also with the help of the community group 'Fourth Down'. What has happened now almost 30 years later is a bit beyond imagination.