Thursday, September 2, 2021

What's Ahead for the Depot District

Yesterday, at its regular monthly meeting, the Hudson Industrial Development Agency (IDA) reviewed the draft resolutions approving PILOTs (payment in lieu of taxes) and other financial benefits for 708 State Street and 75 North Seventh Street--the two apartment buildings proposed by the Galvan Foundation to be constructed in the part of the city they are calling the "Depot District." The IDA cannot vote on the resolutions until the Planning Board completes the SEQR (State Environmental Quality Review) process. 

Dan Kent of the Galvan Foundation told the IDA that the Planning Board was expected to complete the SEQR process at its meeting on Tuesday, September 14, at which time the board is also expected to make a decision on the project. The IDA is scheduling a meeting the following day, on Wednesday, September 15, to make its decision on granting the financial benefits sought. There is a second opportunity to apply for NYS Homes and Community Renewal funding for the project in October.

If the project is approved by the Planning Board and the IDA, and the buildings receive the anticipated funding and financing, construction is expected to begin in the spring of 2022 and be completed by the end of 2023.


  1. Meanwhile a plethora of empty housing owned by Galvan sit , creating a housing crisis for over 1000 potential renters / buyers.

  2. It is outrgaeous that there is no regard for parking or sewage/water waste issues. All this new housing will put heavy demands on already over burdened sewage/water City system. There are absolutely and positively no adequate provisions being planned for required additional parking. These 2 issues alone are excellent reasons not to build this project. Additionally, PILOTS eliminating typical tax burdens and shifting new and costly demands to existing taxpayers is stupid and unfair. Lastly, as Vincent said so well, a plethora of empty housing already owned by Galvan sits unfunded and unused because they offer no special unfair financial advantage to Galvan. What a scam!

  3. No on can stop the Industry of Poverty in New York State. Its too big a money maker -- just like for profit prisons which keep their charges in jail while owners reap the rewards.

    And the weak minded think it "helps".

  4. Posting your opinions here will have no impact on the outcome of the vote. Have you all written the IDA Board to express your concerns? Mike Tucker, head of CEDC, indicated they would accept comments until they took a vote.

  5. If the Planning Board understands how the serious lack of available nearby parking for the tenants of these two buildings will impact local residents, they will vote NO. A YES vote and there is the potential for serious problems. Is there such a thing as PARKING RAGE? YES, there is, and people have been injured and killed because of it. Drop 150 cars into the neighborhood and things will get ugly and vicious. And Galvan and City Hall will have created a less liveable, less friendly, less sustainable and less desirable city. Force me to park 5 minutes from my house, possibly every night, as Galvan is suggesting that my neighbors and I will have to do? NO WAY, which is exactly what the PB's decision should be. NO WAY, go find a suitable location for your mega-development.

  6. Whenever it rains thousands, sometimes millions of gallons of storm water mixed with raw (partially treated) sewage is dumped into the river. It seems pretty crazy to approve the addition of hundreds of new toilets into the city without first fixing this problem. Below is todays notice:

    Issued: 09-03-2021, 07:07:01
    Affects: New York - Columbia - Hudson

    The Hudson (C) STP, NY0022039 is issuing this notification.
    Discharge location: 2 Dock Street, Hudson, NY
    Location details:
    Waterbody affected: Hudson River
    Discharge description:
    Potentially impacted public areas: Other -
    Discharge date and time: 09-02-2021 00:00:01
    Discharge duration: 08:29:57 Hours
    Discharge reason: Weather Conditions - Rain event caused high flows to system. CSO's will discharge intermittently throughout duration of event.

    Steps taken to contain discharge: Ensure all pumps are running to full capacity.

    Volume/rate of discharge: 1,510,000 Gallons Actual

    Treated state of discharge: Partially Treated with Disinfection

    Additional information:

    For more information on the Sewage Pollution Right to Know Act visit SPRTK.

  7. I know of several people who work at local businesses in town that cannot find any place to rent close by. These are people who work more than full time and can pay market rate; they just can’t find anything available. There is plenty of demand to build modest rental stock that can be rented to working people and be profitable without PILOTs and other giveaways. This is about an organization that has hoarded much of the vacant properties, contributing to the lack of availability and keeping it from being developed by others. Then they use their manufactured crisis to support the need for subsidized development. All the while astroturfing support through other “non-profit” community groups and the elected officials championed by them. I’m not one of these anti-development people who prefer to keep Hudson a museum. I just don’t want to see everyone’s taxes double when all of these additional units cause the sewers to finally get to the point where the state and feds force us to upgrade the entire system because we keep dumping in the Hudson with every little precipitation. All new development needs to pay their fair share of the costs of infrastructure. I’m all about smart development and increased density where it makes sense. Hell, I don’t care if Galvan is the one to do it. But pay the taxes! If you claim it’s not possible to develop without handouts, then get out of the way, sell your property, and let someone else do it. There’s certainly a market for it.

  8. Gossips received this comment by email from a regular reader:

    People who have valid questions or arguments about this development should contact the funding and government agencies who are considering financing this project, to make their reasons for opposition known.

    This is only one of 3 projects currently being considered, and one will set the stage to accept the others, as long as money is available and nobody complains to the government and/or funding agencies. They have no way of knowing what the situation is on the ground, and frankly, their jobs are to fund these projects, so they’re not too motivated to reject them. Maybe, though, if enough speak up, they’ll move along to less controversial projects.

    1. OK can anyone provide useful contact info for these agencies or entities? I agree we should get together to make the sewage and parking issues known. At the same time Galvan's role as a hoarder of viable properties is also important. If Carole or anyone else can provide this information, that would be appreciated.

  9. I've written to the Board (and other Boards, many times), but don't hold out any hope that it will have any serious effect. What's abundantly clear, yet again, is that Galvan is, and has for a long long time been, a malevolent and damaging force in Hudson. Its proposals and projects are designed purely to make huge profits at the expense of the quality of life here, and they should be officially opposed at every step, along with their "evil twin," Colarusso, the other chronic parasite feeding on and weakening Hudson's health. Where is our collective sense of self-preservation?!?!

    1. what are the funding agencies in the government to be contacted?

  10. What's in it for the tax payers ... what are the benefits to the tax payers if these are built? I see none, what's the city offering us other than to move away. I see benefits for everyone else but not the tax payers that will fund these awful projects. Time we put the tax payers first!