Tuesday, December 14, 2021

A Chance to Get Involved in Hudson Politics

The following notice appeared on Facebook last night, on the Hudson Democrats page.

Join the Hudson City Dems!
The Hudson City Democratic Committee (HCDC) is looking for candidates to fill a vacancy for one of its two 1st Ward committee seats. Enrolled Democrats residing in the 106th Assembly District (currently represented by Didi Barrett) are eligible to be appointed to this seat. This committee seat has a two-year term which is up for reelection in the Democratic Primary scheduled for June 2023.
We are also looking for someone to serve as our Secretary. The Secretary records and disseminates the minutes for each meeting, and also serves on the Executive Committee.
The membership is currently: Kate Treacy (Chair and 4th Ward rep), Verity Smith (Vice-Chair and 5th Ward rep), Randall Martin (2nd Vice-Chair and 5th Ward rep), Dorothy Heyl (Treasurer and 3rd Ward rep), Revonda Smith (1st Ward rep), Dewan Sarowar (2nd Ward rep), Abdus Miah (2nd Ward rep), Shershah Mizan (3rd Ward rep), and Bill Hughes (4th Ward rep).
Here is our mission:
With the goal of Progress for All, the Hudson City Democratic Committee builds grassroots support for policy initiatives and candidates. It is the official local body of the Democratic Party and works to ensure fair and transparent local elections.
The HCDC encourages interested enrolled Democrats within the 106th Assembly District, and particularly in the City of Hudson, to email info@hudsoncitydemocrats.org and tell us about yourself at your earlier convenience.
The committee meets monthly, currently via Zoom, and our next meeting is scheduled for January 13. 


  1. I took a look at the website. I couldn't find any examples of what "Democratic Principles" might be. Could you give us a couple of specific examples?

  2. Funny how the same folks on the council and democratic committee are on or have been on the HHA board of commissioners. So is the entire City of Hudson now a housing project, or is the HHA now part of the city council? Hudson has become a real life theatre of the absurd.

    1. Hudson Government suckling the bloated purse of greedy galvan

  3. Hudson certainly has challenges finding qualified, ethical people to fill roles in City government. If you are searching for the reason why, look no further.

    Honestly, and I do not say this lightly, it might be best for people concerned about responsible, responsive, and transparent local government to start an outside group or political club and replace (most of) this bunch whole cloth in the 2023 primary cycle, but if anyone would like to know more about how this committee should be helping the community, and why they aren't, feel free to reach out.

    You will be bewildered and aghast at the stories I and others will tell. You will not believe! But it is all true, and there are email chains, texts, and Slack chats to prove it.

    Enter at your own risk.

    1. I'll start the long list. Council President attempting to push his neighbor down the stairs, during a break in a meeting

    2. Ooh, ooh, me next.

      Current HCDC Chair siphoning tax dollars to put her kid on the back of a truck with a piano to 'promote tourism.'

    3. More? Why not.

      The previous Hudson Dems chair accepted a grant from Galvan while chairing the Hudson Housing Authority. Fun fact: Galvan and the HHA are currently establishing a formal relationship. (NB-this only came up for a vote recently, after his tenure was ended, but presumably the idea did not spring up spontaneously.)

  4. The democrat party is a bunch of folks elected to serve and volunteer on boards. It would be funny if it were not so bewildering