Saturday, December 4, 2021

Winter Walk Window Awards

The start of Winter Walk is just hours away, and here, to help you chart your course along Warren Street and beyond, is the announcement of the winners of the 25th Anniversary Winter Walk Window Decorating Contest. 
Hudson’s creative business community has once again demonstrated its many talents and true Winter Walk spirit with incredible displays, making awarding just one winner impossible for the anonymous judges. Instead, in the spirit of unity and recognition of the challenges we’ve all faced together this past year, 21 shops and businesses have been awarded as winners this year, with a shout out to Green Street businesses, whose efforts won them a "Greening of Green Street" special mention.  
The awardees this year range from old favorites and returning winners (such as CaMea, Source Adage, and the Quiet Botanist) to fresh faces like Merchants Social (333 Warren) to a new and hip bar and lounge who took out the "Most Starlit Newcomer" award. An abundance of glorious holiday trees were highlighted with the "Best Tannenbaums" award, presented to Red Dot (321 Warren), Hudson Home (366 Warren), Nine Cakes (748 Warren) and the beautiful tree erected by Friends of the Public Square in Seventh Street Park. On this theme, Green Street businesses Sprig & Social (21 Green Street), Circle 46 (46 Green Street), Izzy’s Room (84 Green Street), and The Rosary (128 Green Street) were given a special mention for their lovely "Greening of Green Street."
“We have been absolutely thrilled by the excitement, creativity, and flair with which our local business community have come out to support Winter Walk this year,” says Hudson Hall Executive Director, Tambra Dillon. "We congratulate and thank all the businesses who have participated in the annual window decorating contest on this special silver anniversary. Thanks to their community spirit, people of all ages and abilities can enjoy a safe and magical Winter Walk down Warren Street.”
2021 Winter Walk Window Decorating Contest Winners

Most Festive
Ca' Mea (214 Warren Street

Most "Crypto Current" Window
Source Adage (314 Warren Street)

Most Starlit Newcomer
Merchants Social (333 Warren Street

Best Tannenbaums
Red Dot (321 Warren Street)
Hudson Home (366 Warren Street)
Friends of the Public Square (Seventh Street Park)

Nine Cakes (748 Warren Street)

Most Caroling Carolee
Second Ward Foundation (429 Warren Street)

Most Welcoming
Hudson Clothier (443 Warren Street)

Most Beautiful
Quiet Botanist (445 Warren Street)

Oldest Santa
524 Warren Street

Most Fashion Forward
Mikel Hunter (533 Warren Street)

A Little Knight Music
Stair Galleries (549 Warren Street)

Most Cristo Christmas
Modern on the Hudson (555 Warren Street)

Best and Only Bambi
McKay Lighting (554 Warren Street)

Most Woodsy
Clove & Creek (613 Warren Street


Best Wylde Wyndows
WYLDE (35 South Third Street)

Sweet Sugar Plum Plum
Vasilow’s (741 Columbia Street)

Special Award for the Greening of Green Street
Sprig & Social (21 Green Street)
Circle 46 (46 Green Street)
Izzy’s Room (84 Green Street)
The Rosary (128 Green Street)

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