Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Ear to the Ground

The inauguration of city officials is to take place on Sunday, January 2, at 1:00 p.m. at the Central Fire Station. The event is by invitation only. (Gossips wasn't invited.) Seating is limited, and masks will be required.

Rumor has it that former Third Ward alderman Calvin Lewis was among the invitees and has RSVPed his intention to attend. This raises an interesting question: Does Lewis, who resigned from the Council in July to avoid conflict of interest, after taking a job with the City as assistant director of the Youth Department, intend to take the oath of office for a new term, or does he just want to be there to witness his friends and former colleagues being sworn in for new terms?   


  1. I've heard that Lewis seems to have hit his stride at the Youth Department, so if he has decided to leave his position to join the Common Council, that is certainly a perplexing decision.

    He didn't seem very engaged as an alderman, walked right into ethical conflicts without a seeming care, and his guidance of the Tourism Board in his role as chair let slip through a number of poorly thought-out projects that enriched or benefitted Board members or their families, made no effort to track purchases, and wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax revenue that could have been directed to steer Tourism revenue to the Hudson residents who work in the industry.

    If Mr Lewis chooses to rejoin the Council, the community should strap themselves in for another bumpy ride, and does leave open the question of the source of his income-a question that will certainly need to be addressed.

  2. There is a faction in Hudson that is worried that Amber Harris would bring a smart, progressive voice to the Council. I suspect that might explain this situation.

    1. Tom Depietro certainly doesn't want ANYONE, Alderperson or not, asking difficult and probing questions of department heads or himself. It's better not to get at the truth, too awkward and unsettling. B Huston