Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Of Interest

The following news was reported in the Albany Business Review this morning: "Albany landlords sue city over 'good cause' eviction law."   

The Common Council is expected to vote on enacting Hudson's version of the "good cause" eviction law at its regular meeting on Tuesday, December 21.


  1. So the prudent thing to do would be to wait it out and see how the case goes. But I'm willing to bet this lame duck council will ram it through under the banner of "who cares about lawsuits, the people need this NOW!" Even though the same people will be footing the bill down the road.

  2. I'm interested to know the projected cost of litigation for Albany. I'm sure it won't be cheap, and if Albany loses in court, paying the legal fees for the plaintiff will be another hit.

  3. Great news!! We'll have a template for litigation should this pass in Hudson!!

  4. The complaint is at this link:

    Albany's response is due in January. Albany has a law department so they will probably not hire outside counsel, but Hudson would have to hire outside counsel to defend a similar suit, the cost of which would be passed on to Hudson's taxpayers.

    1. Maybe the City could actually hire someone competent this time. Cheryl Roberts, whose relationship to the Greenberger Foundation and Colarusso should have recused her from anything having to do with the waterfront, is still the Corporate Counsel to the City, so I doubt the Hudson community can expect quality representation.