Friday, December 10, 2021

Limited Access to City Hall

The following announcement appeared on the City of Hudson website today.
To help maintain social distancing and prevent further spread of COVID-19, public access to City Hall is limited to by-appointment only until further notice. If you must conduct business at City Hall, please contact the department you wish to visit directly prior to arrival. All in-person visitors must sign in and wear facial coverings that cover the mouth and nose while in the building.
Payment to the City of Hudson may be put in the Drop Box located at the front of City Hall, labeled "Night Depository." Please:
    • Address your envelope to the correct department
    • Seal your envelope
    • Include your name and address
    • If cash, exact change only


  1. About a week ago in City Hall at the base of the stairs I crossed paths with an unmasked elected official, this person having just been in the clerk's office and on upstairs this person went.

  2. It's Hudson, rules don't apply to everyone