Saturday, December 11, 2021

Spotted in the Register-Star

A reader brought these notices, which appeared in the Register-Star on Tuesday, to Gossips' attention.

It appears that Galvan has spawned yet another LLC for the ownership of buildings, current and future, in the area of the city now dubbed the Depot District.


  1. How many do they have now? The two separate rotting houses at 618 State are both owned by Galvan, I believe, but under different names. B Huston

  2. I wonder when we will see some motion on the mess that Galvan bought at the corner of 4th & Warren?

    1. Including the non-existent sidewalk on 4th. Then the obscene "sidewalk" on 5th south of Warren. Galvan cares about us all- we all know this! B Huston