Monday, December 6, 2021

Meetings of Interest in the Week Ahead

As we move deeper into the holiday season and closer to the end of the year, here are the meetings that are happening this week. 
  • On Monday, December 6, the Tourism Board meets at 7:00 p.m. The agenda for the meeting can be found here. Click here to join the meeting on Zoom.
  • On Tuesday, December 7, the Conservation Advisory Council meets at 6:00 p.m. No agenda is available for the meeting, nor has the link to the Zoom meeting been published.
  • On Wednesday, December 8, the Hudson Industrial Development Agency (IDA) meets at 1:00 p.m. The Pocketbook Factory project is certain to be on the agenda, and it likely the IDA will take a vote on approving the application for tax abatements. Click here to join the Zoom meeting.
  • At 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, December 8, the Hudson Housing Authority Board of Commissioners holds its monthly meeting. The meeting is likely to provide an update on the plans for the redevelopment of HHA properties. Click here to join the Zoom meeting,
  • On Saturday, December 11, there is a community input gathering event at Henry Hudson Riverfront Park that seems only to have been announced on Instagram.

The announcement from Future Hudson on Instagram provides this information:
Our friends at the Hudson Valley Collaborative and eDESIGN DYNAMICS are partnering with the City of Hudson to develop a design for the *Henry Hudson Riverfront Park.*
As a waterfront community on the estuary, Hudson has the opportunity to engage in a nature-based design process that will enhance the waterfront as both intertidal ecosystem and active recreational shoreline.
During our year-long process we look forward to working with the community at every step from collecting ideas and site knowledge to finalizing a design framework for an urban riverfront park that regenerates the shoreline, responds to climate change, and maintains recreational access that is critical to the Hudson community.
During this process, we will consider plans and resources previously collected and published by many stakeholders who envisioned the waterfront previously. The final outcome is a design that can be implemented by the City in the future.
Look out for announcements for upcoming public events to learn about the project and participate.
      • December 2021
Gather Community Input
      • April 2022
Share Preliminary Designs for Feedback
      • July 2022
Share Final Designs for Feedback
      • Sept 2022
Share Final Report
This Saturday's input gathering event takes place rain, snow, or shine from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. at Henry Hudson Riverfront Park.



  1. Why would anyone bother attending Hudson Future's gathering about the riverfront? It's just more talk and ideas that will go nowhere. Who are these people and why should we listen to them, think they have any sway at City Hall, and that things will be any different from other failed efforts to "improve" the park? What a joke. So much nonsense talk and false hope, it's absurd. Instagram, really?!! Please, editor, don't bother posting their postings. It only encourages them and makes them feel validated. It's also a waste of Gossips' time and space. B Huston

  2. This is not a "Hudson Futures" event. Read the article.

    This event is the first of a number of outreach events to all interested Hudson Residents for gather input into an actual Design Product being executed by Hudson Valley Collaborative and eDesign Dynamics. These are professional designers who wrote and were awarded a grant from the DEC Hudson River Estuary Program to work with the community and design for rising water levels due do climate change.

    Thank you Carole, and Future Hudson for posting about this great community event and important work.

    Hilary Hillman

    1. sounds just like the Columbia University people who came 2 or 3 years ago with their brilliance and experience (no doubt they too would label themselves "professional designers") to tell us what to do with Oakdale Lake Park. So much talk, so much "community involvement," so many wonderful ideas, and so many pictures taken to document and justify all the effort, time and money spent.
      And what do we have to show at Oakdale for all that nonsense? Beach umbrellas and blue painted picnic tables and benches! Hurrah!

    2. Will the design include the area occupied by the industrial gravel transfer station, or is it going to work it's way around it?

    3. The limits of the grant require that the work covers city owned property only.

      The students from a a few years ago did some interesting concept projects on the same topic.

      This grant is to go the next step with experienced professional designers, architects, eco-system professionals and an urban planner.