Wednesday, June 1, 2022

The Story Lives On

Last week, Clio Chang's story about former councilmember Rebecca Wolff appeared in New York Magazine's Curbed: "An Anti-Airbnb Activist Rented Her House on Airbnb." 

This week, Chang's article is cited as Recommended Reading in Business of Home.
In Hudson, New York, when a former town councilperson and anti-gentrification activist--who had helped pass local legislation restricting short-term rentals--listed her own property on Airbnb in early 2022, a scandal ensued. The move sparked outrage among residents of the city, which, when the pandemic first hit in 2020, became the metro area with the biggest influx of new residents in the country. For Curbed, Clio Chang dives into the drama and explains why it might be a microcosm of a larger short-term rental regulation conversation unfolding in the years to come.

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  1. Whenever the influx of people to the Hudson metro area is mentioned, it should be noted that the Hudson metro area is all of Columbia county. Almost all the population growth has been outside the city itself.