Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Make Your Opinions Known

Last Friday evening, Gail Wittwer-Laird of Starr Whitehouse, the landscape architects chosen by the Friends of the Public Square (FOPS) to help with the renovation/restoration of Seventh Street Park, presented design options for the park. The previous Friday, six concepts for the edited layout of park were presented to the Historic Preservation Commission. At this past Friday's presentation, the concepts had been narrowed down to three: Concept A--Minimal Scheme; Concept B--Diagonal Green; Concept C--Diagonal Plaza.

It is generally agreed that a fountain or some kind of water feature should continue to be the centerpiece of the park. That it be kid friendly and children be able to interact with the water has also been determined to be essential. Wittwer-Laird presented four typologies of fountains: Type A--Historic Basin with Sculpture; Type B--Single Tier; Type C--Hudson Horse Trough; Type D--Water as Sculpture.

Fountain Type C was inspired by the old fire bell that was once upon a time was repurposed as a horse watering trough at the corner Green Street and Fairview Avenue.

There is a survey to find out community preferences. That survey can be found here. Complete it and let your preferences be known. 

The goal is to create a conceptual design and calculate the cost in time to submit a grant application in the Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) process later this summer.

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