Friday, June 17, 2022

We Still Got It

Earlier this week, Conde Nast Traveler published an article by Caitlin Morton called "The 27 Most Beautiful Towns in America." You guessed it. Hudson is one of them. 

There are two things of particular interest about this. In the article, Hudson's population is given as 6,103. Only six of the places on the list have populations greater than Hudson's: Rockport, MA (6,952); Whitefish, MT (8.032); Sitka, AK (8,569); Sedona, AZ (10,341); Beaufort, SC (13,417); and St. Augustine, FL (15,065). The other twenty have populations that are smaller than Hudson's, with three having populations under a thousand: Harpers Ferry, WV (334); Stowe, VT (600); Mackinac Island, MI (992).

Also of interest is that the photograph chosen to represent Hudson in the article (shown above) is the same photograph by former Hudson resident Dan Region that appears on the sign at the Hudson trailhead (located at the corner of North Second and Dock streets) on the Empire State Trail.


  1. Great photo of Dan's. I wonder how long Hudson will remain on that list with what is proposed for new builds in town.

  2. What's great about Vermont is that it's a relaxing car trip away for those of us based locally. The other beauties require grand travel arrangements. Not mentioned in this rosy feature - Who wants to get on a plane! Or, drive in ridiculous traffic for hours! Fortunately, we have been to a few spots before everything went haywire (and, I am not only referring to covid). Climate change was not a catch all in the 90's to late 2000's. Taos in midsummer was not unusually hot, no wildfires - never gave it a thought. They're missing Skaneateles.

  3. Apparently they failed to travel our alleys before they made their decision. Probably just stuck to Warren Street, as most well- heeled visitors do.

  4. God Bless Dan Region. He really captured so many aspects of Hudson in his photographs. His eye is missed.