Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Wilzig Racing Manor Revisited

Back in 2010, when Gossips was just getting started, one of the hottest controversies in the county was Alan Wilzig's plan to build a private racetrack on his property in Taghkanic: "Back on Track." Twelve years later, there's an article about the racetrack, now known as Wilzig Racing Manor, in today's Times Union: "Hudson Valley entrepreneur has an $8-million racetrack in his backyard."


  1. I was a neighbor who shared a considerable property line with Alan when he first proposed his track. In fact a portion of it passed within yards of my land. From day one and for the years he was harassed and harangued by the locals I was one of the few voices who fully supported his right to use his property as he wished. All these years later it is gratifying to learn the "neighborly" hysteria was much ado about nothing. Gentlemen start your engines!

  2. The "right to use his property as he wished" is libertarian nonsense. Nobody enjoys that right. We actually live in a society with other people.

    1. Peter, you are quite wrong on that. If I want to dig a hole plant a tree, or put up a shed, put my addition on my house, build a barn and raise 8 head of Brahma cows on my property, that is my right. The problem in this county especially in the past few years with a few folks is busybodies. No one can mind their own business. Your property is yours and you own it and pay a lot of taxes for that. We don't live in Cuba or some other socialist country. People need to learn to keep to themselves and mind their own business. Most people are generally civil and go about it the right way. Same people who bitch about the airport after they moved next door but the airport has been there 50+ years. If you don't like it, move!!