Thursday, June 23, 2022

Concealed Carry in Columbia County

By now, everyone has undoubtedly heard the news that New York's 100-year-old law imposing strict rules for granting concealed-carry permits to gun owners has been struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court. You can read the news in the New York Times, "Supreme Court Ruling Limits Local Ability to Restrict Guns Outside the Home," and the Times Union, "U.S. Supreme Court knocks down New York's 'concealed-carry' restrictions."  

Discussing the turn of events on WAMC's Roundtable this morning, one of the female panel members spoke, with a sense of dismay, of other states where you could buy purses with special compartments for handguns. I was immediately reminded of the Women's Concealed Carry Fashion Show that took place at the Churchtown Firehouse back in 2016 and was documented by Lance Wheeler.

Wheeler's video of the event can still be seen on YouTube. Among the models in the show were Hudson's Council president at the time and someone who was then serving as a member of the Common Council.


  1. It's unfortunate that states' rights don't actually reach the states. The decision I believe converts NY from a "may" to a "shall" issue state -- so the same group of folks barred under the "may" standards are still barred under the "shall" standards. The only difference is now the issuing authority (judge) won't have any discretion in the decision making. Common sense has been ruled a Constitutional violation by the Supreme Court.

  2. I have read that there are more guns than people in the USA ! It feels too late but I believe every gun should be licensed and registered like motor vehicles. When you get the plate number of a vehicle that leaves the scene of an accident, it can be traced to the registered owner. The law can seek information and there is at least a path to justice. We do not have that we unnecessary deadly weapons ---this country is just CRAZY.

  3. God, gays, guns and abortion are the issues that the Republicans use as red meat to build and feed their voter base. The real agenda is lower taxes on the 1% and more corporate de-regulation.

  4. Again we have the uninformed liberals who have no idea of the law to legally purchase/ posses a FIREAEM.Every law abiding person follows these rules. You should acquainted yourself with them before you start mouthing off from the hip.

    1. I'm licensed for concealed carry, own a number pistols and long guns. But that doesn't make me an automaton for the NRA and its constituents -- the manufacturers of guns and ammunition. A fine old (and very conservative) Justice of the Supreme Court once observed that the Constitution is not a mutual suicide pact. The "law abiding citizen" argument is a straw man: the Uvalde shooter was a "law abiding citizen" right until he wasn't (by which time he'd spent $9k on weapons within a 30 day period and put a high-powered round into his grandmother (for fuck's sake)). The Buffalo shooter was "law abiding" right up until he murdered his first victim. The issue isn't "law abiding" it's laws that have no teeth, that do nothing to slow down impulsive young men (and others) who can walk in to a gun shop in some places angry and walk out strapped. It's the logical fallacy that anything that limits the 2nd Amendment is somehow definitionally unconstitutional when every other amendment has been limited by the courts since John Jay at on the bench. It is, more than anything, the absolute and chronic lack of common sense that seems to pervade American life today. This isn't "liberal" or "conservative" or "libertarian" or anything else for that matter except common sense. Which clearly eludes many.

  5. The issue at hand with the majority of the crimes in US that involve firearms is that they have nothing to do with the legal registered firearm owner who these proposed laws actually attack and do nothing to solve. Many of these guns are usually stolen and many with the serial numbers defaced. Every gun you purchase already has the serial number recorded at the time of sale. The media doesn't tell you this but yes it is true. This is required via the FFL dealer who sold it to you. This includes gun shows where everyone still goes through a background check contrary to what the media fails to tell the public. These laws already exist even background checks since 1968. Then you have the media who hypes "Automatic Rifles or AR's" which AR stands for Armalite Rifle and not Automatic which the mainstream trys to mislead people. Automatic rifles have been prohibited for sale to the general public since the Federal Firearms Act of 1938 began restricting the sales of those firearms, also requiring those in the business of selling firearms to purchase a Federal Firearms License (FFL) and maintain a list of persons who purchased firearms, including their name and address. It is not the legal gun owner who actually does the right thing and went through all the hoops and background checks, it is the bad guy who would never pass such a check period and of course would not even bother. Particularly in this state when you have catch and release "bail reform" for these bad guys and then they turn right around and do it again, and again and again. You see it on all 3 news stations in Albany, Schenectady and Troy every single night where it was minimal just a couple of years ago.

    Now onto the mass shootings over the last 20+ years, the majority of those folks have been on some type of antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and antipsychotics. This is well documented and known. Why is this? It is pretty easy to figure out. When you destroy the core family, fatherless children, no real mentors to help these kids, and a society bashing religion and destroying houses of faith, no respect for anyone including the disgraceful acts of people terrorizing public servants homes. We are the laughing stock of other countries because of the nonsense going on here. But what do certain groups and politicians want to do? Blame the inanimate object. Just like Ford Motor Company named in lawsuit with the 8 dead after truck plows into people in lower Manhattan in 2017 when the lunitic mowed down those people with a rental from Home Depot.

    Fix the core family, then you may solve many of these issues but todays politicians want to keep us all divided and they think we are ignorant. A good history lesson would be reading about Germany’s Weimar Republic in 1931. It is not about guns, it is about your rights and the protections of the constitution that is being threatened more and more each day here particularly by those who are in power especially now. NYS is a good example. History repeats itself.

  6. Since the 2nd amendment is such a barrier to public safety, the obvious fix would be to amend or remove it from the constitution. That's not going to happen anytime soon. If these psycho shooters were shooting up politicians in the capital, judges and newscasters in their production studios, instead of little kids in schools, it would have been modified a long time ago. Sadly, the mass murder of little children in schools doesn't compel them to address the problem. They see themselves as sheltered royalty, the deaths of the serfs out in the hinterlands simply doesn't matter much.