Friday, June 24, 2022

On Our Waterfront

A few weeks ago, Gossips published a picture of the partially submerged at high tide sign at the state boat launch in Athens which, like Hudson, is one of the state boat launches to slated get a major makeover in the Hudson Eagles Recreation Area project. 

The sign in Athens seems also to have inspired an article by Roger Hannigan Gilson, which appears in the Times Union today: "Proposed state park on Hudson's shore has city nervous." 

There's not much information here that Gossips readers don't already know, but there is the suggestion that Hudson officials may be out of the loop when it comes to planning for these changes to the state boat launch because Hudson does not have an approved LWRP (Local Waterfront Revitalization Program). The biggest concerns about the state's plans have been voiced by the Conservation Advisory Council, which fears the plans do not take sea level rise, as a consequence of climate change, into consideration.

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