Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Preservation Watch

It used to be that Gossips tried to track the acquisitions of the Galvan Foundation and all the various LLCs associated with T. Eric Galloway. Now the organization is divesting itself of residential properties, presumably to help finance other projects that further its mission. On Friday, proposals for three houses came before the Historic Preservation Commission. Two of the houses had previously been owned by Galvan; one is still owned by Galvan.

Of the houses previously owned by Galvan, the first is 76 North Fifth Street. The house is to get new windows and a new wraparound porch at the back. The HPC approved the proposal, requesting that the headers that survive over the windows on the second floor be replicated over all the windows. The HPC also advocated for the return of the third second-story window in the front facade. 

According to tax records, this house was acquired by Galvan in 2012 for $150,000. It was sold in late August 2021 for $495,000.

The second house previously owned by Galvan is 9 Union Street. The replacement windows in this house are being replaced, and solar panels installed at the rear.

According to tax records, Galvan Partners acquired this house in 2011 for $200,000. The next year, ownership was transferred to Galvan Initiatives Foundation. In early August 2021, the house was sold for $580,000.

The third house to come before the Historic Preservation Commission on Friday was 253 Union Street, a two-family house that has been owned by Galvan--first Galvan Partners, then Galvan Initiatives Foundation--since 2012, when it was purchased for $249,000. 

Walter Chatham, who was presenting the project, said he believed this house and 234 Union Street were "historically linked," and the plan was "to take 253 Union and turn it into 234 Union."

Most notable of the changes for 253 Union Street is that all of the windows are to be replaced with windows that are twelve over twelve--twelve panes in the upper sash and twelve panes in the lower sash--just like the windows at 234 Unions Street.

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