Tuesday, July 5, 2022

The Current Plan to Market Hudson

Back in April, the Common Council passed a resolution authorizing the mayor to enter into an agreement with CGI Digital to be part of a Community Showcase Video Program. According to the resolution, the mayor's office was approached by CGI Digital to participate in the Community Showcase Video Program "to create a series of videos highlighting businesses, organizations, attractions, natural resources, and communities within Hudson." The resolution indicates that videos will be done "at no cost to the municipality."

Last week, Gossips learned that CGI Digital had begun contacting businesses, asking them to participate in the video program. According to the information Gossips received, businesses were being asked to pay a fee to be part of the video.

A few days later, the following information appeared on the City of Hudson website:
The Mayor's office is pleased to announce a partnership with CGI Digital (CGI) to coordinate and produce a series of educational videos highlighting all we have to offer residents, visitors, and business. CGI works in partnership with the National League of Cities and the United States Conference of Mayors to provide tools that showcase and promote municipalities nationwide.
With a highly visible interface on our official website homepage, our Video Tour will allow viewers to learn more about area attractions, quality of life, economic development, and more.
Recruiting and retaining a skilled workforce is an essential part of our city's vitality. This program will provide our business community with digital solutions to streamline recruitment efforts and strengthen presence online. In addition, the Video Tour on the City's website will backlink to CGI's www.elocallink.tv which hosts the videos, providing increased exposure for all participants.
We encourage members of our community to consider being a part of this initiative. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities or to request an appointment please email CGI Digital Vice President Brandon Bartz at brandon@cgicompany.com.
A video press release about the project, featuring Mayor Kamal Johnson, can be viewed here. Examples of videos created by CGI for other cities can be viewed here. (Scroll down to "Commitment to the Public Sector.") The common theme of all the videos seems to be that the subject municipality is a great place to live, raise a family, and grow a business.


  1. Why would any business in Hudson, especially ones that get tons of acclaim in the national press and social media, need to pay some scam company to feature them in some low-budget, public access quality video? Why is the mayor endorsing this? A quick google search on CGI tells a lot: http://www.rochesterforall.com/cgi-a-fake-review-factory/

  2. Oy. Yet another boondoggle. I hope that the local businesses see through this scheme.

  3. Any marketer (including me with 30+ years’ experience) will tell you the best approach to marketing anything is to (1) identify who you want to influence, (2) decide what you want them to know or believe, then (3) look for solution(s) that will reach and convince them effectively.

    What seems to have happened here is the solution has been presented (by the vendor!) and this has been approved by the CC with no thought as to what problem, if any, is being solved.

  4. This is what our Mayor spends/wastes his time doing? We need to convince more people to visit Hudson and move to Hudson and be happy if you live in Hudson?
    Go team, rah rah rah!
    Meanwhile, there have been 15 cones in the middle of South 3rd street at the busy entrance and exit to the city for like 7 weeks as DPW seems to be unable to figure how to properly address and repair the failing street, doing it WRONG, one bit at a time and taking long breaks between doing so. Is this debacle part of the video?