Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Galvan in Savannah

Galvan's acquisition of Hudson hasn't stopped. Over the summer, Galvan purchased Helsinki Hudson, and there is the persistent rumor that Galvan may be acquiring Crosswinds. 

Galvan's acquisition of Savannah continues as well. On September 1, Galvan Center for the Common Good announced on Facebook its plans to restore the Kiah House, a historic house in Savannah that was retrofitted in 1959 by the late artist and educator Virginia Jackson Kiah and her husband, Calvin Kiah, a former Dean of Education at Savannah State College, to establish the first African American-founded museum in Savannah.

Photo: Eric Curl | Savannah Agenda
Today, on Savannah Agenda, Eric Curl provides more information about the Kiah House purchase and an update on the Galvan Foundation's activities in Savannah: "With downtown acquisition, New York nonprofit's local presence grows ahead of Kiah House purchase."

Update: This evening, Wednesday, September 13, Galvan Center for the Common Good posted the following on its Facebook page.

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