Wednesday, September 6, 2023

What You Don't Want with Your Morning Coffee

A car, reportedly traveling at an unsafe speed at the intersection of Third and Warren streets, crashed into the side of The Maker this morning, sometime between 8:30 and 9:00 a.m., narrowly missing the plate glass window that was shattered by a stray bullet last December. Fortunately, no one was injured in this morning's mishap. 

Gossips came upon the scene while walking Freddy this morning. At that point, the police were taking statements from whose involved in the accident and from witnesses. More information will be shared when the police issue their press release. The photograph below shows the damage caused to the building.

Photo: Katherine Kanaga

Update: According to a post that appeared on Facebook, the car shown in the pictures above, ran a red light, collided with another car, and ended up crashing into the building. The information on Facebook was posted by the person who was driving the car that collided with the car that ran the red light.


  1. Speeding and reckless driving is becoming a real big problem in Hudson. We have been passed approaching a red light. We have been passed on double lines as we are doing the speed limit. If nothing else can be done, let's do speed bumps, red light cameras, what ever it takes.The police can not be every where. Let's do something before someone is killed or seriously injured.

    1. Agreed, there is a lot of reckless driving, no turn signals, speeding, especially on upper Warren and Upper Union up and down, and the access point at Worth is an accident waiting to happen.

    2. This morning, an hour or so after seeing the results of this crash, I was walking across South 7th Street at Cherry Alley, near Governor's, with no moving cars in sight. About halfway across, I noticed a car on N. 4th headed my way approaching the green light at Warren. When the car passed me, as I was about two thirds of the way across the street, it had to have been going 40 miles per hour. I waved and yelled at the driver to slow down. When he reached the stop sign at Union (across from the police station), he stuck his head out his window, looked back at me and shouted something that I will not repeat here. He obviously did not feel he was speeding.
      It is acceptable to speed in the city of Hudson. HPD won't do a thing about it -- they claim that their speed radar gun is ineffective on downtown streets, which is hogwash and merely an excuse to do nothing about the problem. They don't even offer any alternatives. "Sorry, get used it, nothing we can do about the speeding!"

  2. I hate to say it, but Hudson has attracted the type of person that feels the rules don't apply to them. Sorry something happened at The Maker (again) but these downstate folks don't obey the rules - just look at the parking ticket debacle.


  3. Wowser, I'm not so sure the blame lies with "downstate folk." The cars speeding on lower Warren are a regular group that speed day and night, every day. Most of the cars have spoilers, specialized muffler systems that can out roar any motorcycle and attention getting exterior body lights. Some times they travel in a pack.
    And yes, the cops do nothing..