Thursday, September 14, 2023

What Wasn't Shared at the Town Hall

Gossips reported about the virtual "Town Hall on Environmental Justice in Black Neighborhoods," held by Lukee Forbes of the Hudson Catskill Housing Coalition, before it took place but not after it happened. Jamel Cutler, however, wrote about the town hall for the Register-Star: "Panel: City truck route 'a nightmare.'" 

Two of the four announced panelists were not present, and the two that were--Linda Mussmann and Kayah Payton--talked mostly about how awful it was to have heavy trucks passing through the city. One of the absent panelists, Peter Jung, submitted a video, which was not shared during the town hall but was sent to attendees afterward. Jung is one of the cofounders of The Valley Alliance, and his presentation in the video speaks about one aspect of Hudson's truck problem: the Colarusso gravel trucks. The video, which can be viewed here, provides a good summary of the current situation, but the last minute of the video is particularly interesting. Gossips recommends it. 



  1. Thank you Peter. I sincerely hope all of your efforts and the efforts of many stop Colarusso. My husband and I will be at the firehouse on September 27th in full support.

  2. I'm obviously prejudiced; if you know me, you know I agree with Peter. But damn, he lays out the reality here in no uncertain terms. What’s most troubling is that, throughout this saga, the impacts of Colarusso’s proposal on the city—on its environment, its economy, its social fabric—have NEVER been explored. The Greenport Planning Board, as lead agency, didn’t do it, either ignoring concerns expressed by the city’s engineers or relying on erroneous ¬¬data to draw its conclusions. And the Hudson Planning Board, whose right of review has been clearly affirmed in court, has yet to have the opportunity thanks largely to Colarusso’s lawsuits. The time for that review is now; frankly, it’s now or never. If, as a community, we pass on this responsibility, we’ve got no one to blame for the consequences but ourselves.

  3. Thank you Peter, the situation, so clearly put, in a nutshell. And thank you Linda, for your statement, loud and clear. Excellent video.