Friday, September 8, 2023

The Aftermath of the Storm

Today, the following notice appeared on the City of Hudson website.

In March 2018, my dog Joey and I visited the cemetery on the morning after a late winter storm and documented the damage: "The Aftermath of the Nor'easter in Hudson." One can only imagine how the severe the devastation caused by last night's storm was to the ancient trees in the city's cemeteries if it is deemed necessary to deny public access to the cemeteries today.

Update: Gossips has made no attempt to view the damage in the Hudson cemeteries, but a reader provided these pictures of trees lost in Thursday's storm in the historic cemetery at the Reformed Dutch Church in Claverack. The first two show the same downed tree from different vantage points. The third shows a second tree that was uprooted by the storm.

Photos courtesy Bob Tomaso

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