Friday, September 1, 2023

Lewis Pugh Swims Past Hudson

British endurance swimmer Lewis Pugh is swimming the length of the Hudson River, a distance of 315 miles. His journey began on August 13 at the source of the river: Lake Tear of the Clouds, on the southern side of Mount Marcy, just south of Lake Placid. His swim today started at Meadow Ridge on Hudson in Coxsackie at 8:45 a.m. The day's goal was the Catskill Marina. At 10:48 a.m., Sarah Sterling took this picture from Henry Hudson Riverfront Park, showing Pugh and another swimmer, accompanied by a "safety kayak," as they swam past Hudson.

Photo: Sarah Sterling
Pugh was the first person to swim across the North Pole and the first to swim the length of the English Channel. He is now vying to be the first person to swim the length of the Hudson River unassisted--wearing nothing more than a Speedo, cap, and goggles. (Christopher Swain swam from the headwaters to the harbor in 2004, but he did so in a wet suit.) 

Pugh has undertaken the challenge to highlight the critical role rivers play in a habitable planet. He will explore the interconnectedness of rivers and oceans and stress the urgent need to restore, protect, and respect rivers. Pugh has been quoted as saying, "If we want healthy oceans, we also need healthy rivers--it's that simple. Clean rivers are essential in the fight for global sustainability; indeed, our very existence depends on fresh water, clean air, and a habitable planet."

Pugh's swim is scheduled to conclude on September 13 at Battery Park, to coincide with the UN General Assembly Week, Climate Week NYC 2023, and the UN Secretary General's Climate Ambition Summit.

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