Saturday, September 9, 2023

The Inevitable Loss of Character

The alleys of Hudson, including Partition Street which is thought of as an alley even though it is the probably the oldest street in Hudson, have oft been celebrated for their unique character and "accidental" appeal. In January 2017, there was an exhibition of photographs at Hudson Hall, then called the Hudson Opera House, entitled No Parking: The Alleys and Garages of Hudson, featuring work of Lisa Durfee, Peter Spear, and the late William Hellermann--three local photographers attracted by the "unconventional beauty beyond Hudson's well-trafficked streets." Peter Spear has also created a website devoted to the alleys of Hudson.

Photo: William Hellermann
Over the years, Gossips has frequently written about the alleys of Hudson and the loss of character being suffered by these back streets as the old buildings, originally constructed as stables or carriage houses or garages, are converted or "reproduced" to create living space or simply demolished because they are unsafe. Recently, another such building was lost in the 200 block of Partition Street.

Asked about this at the Historic Preservation Commission meeting on Friday (the missing building was in a historic district), code enforcement officer Craig Haigh explained that he had noticed the building when he was "riding around on patrol." Upon further inspection, he determined the structure to be unsafe and ordered it removed. 

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