Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sharing a Discovery

I am the keeper of a digital collection of the historic photographs left to me by Byrne Fone when he moved to France. They are the images he assembled for his book Historic Hudson: An Architectural Portrait. Because this treasure trove is in my possession, people restoring buildings often ask about pictures of their buildings. This morning, while responding to such a request, I was clicking through the images and had an aha! experience, which I decided to share on Gossips.  

The photograph below is one I have seen many times, but always when I'm in pursuit of something else, so I have never taken the time to figure out where this house was. 

Today I looked just beyond the house, and its location smacked me in the face. Before it was demolished during Urban Renewal, this house stood at the southwest corner of Warren and Front streets. The building that appears at the left in the picture is the building shown below--as it appeared in the late 1960s and as it is today--which still stands at the southeast corner of Warren and Front. 

The house in question also appears in this 19th-century photograph taken from the entrance to Promenade Hill. 

The house is in shadow on the right, but Photoshop brings it out. It's the same five bay house with the quarter roundel windows in the attic.


  1. That's really interesting.It almost gave me a brain freeze,though.It's hard to visualize, the west side of Front Street and Warren continuing,having only ever seen it the way it is now.I lived on S.Front between Union and Partition ,for a year,so it's not like that is an unfamiliar spot.If you didn't show that house,in reference to the other photo's,I would have never figured out where that house was.

  2. The building/house that is shown from Promenade Hill was used as a residence (the people that lived there still live in Hudson), a Meeting Hall for the Polish Club & a very active food stand opened mostly in the evenings. I can visualize the string of yellow light bulbs that were outside the stand. Please refer to the awning or cover that was the food stand as shown under the stairs. Warren St. was quite busy with car traffic, it was THE thing to do to be seen in public for the young to be driving up & down Warren St. Before the McDonald's, etc the end of Warren St was a great spot to park your car & buy a hotdog, soda, etc. & go to Promenade Hill.
    The West End of Warren was also used as a roundabout to turn around a head backup (East) Warren to make the scene & be seen again.

    1. Yes! I remember many nights of crusing Warren and doing a swing around that west end to go back 'upstreet', especially on Thursday nights when all the stores were open and people were out and about. There wasn't much else to do back then.
      But strangely, I can't visulize the buildings that are now gone, so I'm grateful for these photos and all the others here.

  3. Thank goodness for image documentation and the stewardship of archiving this treasure.

  4. Yes,indeed Chad! I love when the photo's evoke memories,like these did for Judy S. and tmdonofrio. They bring it all to life.Just that little detail,about the awning under the stairs.Not only would I never have really noticed it,but now I see the string of yellow lights and an active little food stand and this whole slice of life here on Warren,from the teens point of view.I can see those Thursday nights. Thank you both for sharing and Carole for caring and being the great sleuth that you are.