Monday, January 7, 2013

An Unveiling on Warren Street

Less than a month ago, Gossips shared the news that 410 Warren Street was being purchased by the owners of the White Whale. A week or so later, the Historic Preservation Commission reviewed the plans for restoring the facade of the building and granted a certificate of appropriateness. For the most part, those plans involved uncovering original architectural details that had been masked in an apparent attempt to "modernize" the building at some point. Now the work has begun, and the result is astounding.

Removing the plywood "frieze" revealed not only brackets but the capitals of the pilasters, the curved tops of the windows, and what had probably been fanlights over the doors. What a gift to have this returned to our streetscape.   


  1. Congratulations to Hudson & New Owners of 410 Warren St. At least some of the building is found to be in possible "original" condition.

    I remember an Insurance Co. & a newspaper "The Knickerbocker News" (an afternoon Albany Newspaper associated w/ the Times Union morning paper) being located in the store fronts at one time.

    As Warren St. and other City locations move forward w/ restoration I hope that 400-402 Warren is not far behind w/ improvements.

    How many buildings along Warren & Front/ Riverfront need restoration or are in a state of urgent restoration/repair?

  2. Fantastic. My favorite thing about living in Hudson is to witness these miraculous renovations. And now one more structure is out of the hands of Phil Gellert. Bravo!

  3. Sometimes the 'Miracles of Hudson' are simply hiding and need to be appreciated and revealed by the caring.

  4. Another Gellert Warren Street Storefront waiting to be unveiled is #432 ...

  5. Congratulations Gossips on your 2,500 post
    and it was so great, to have it be some good news!.

    I love what Vincent posted above.

    In its own time,one by one, Hudson, in the right hands , has and will reveal itself.
    Why Developers and "City" can cause so much irreparable,irreplaceable damage,
    with their money,backroom deals, bulldozers and uncaring and uneducated haste.
    ...So quick and able, to break any of the few Historic Preservation Laws ,
    we have to protect our precious Historic Buildings ,Historic Districts we have left
    and what few Environmental Laws we have to protect ,our Land, Natural Resources, River,Riverfront and it's Heritage.