Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gossips Is Three Years Old!

It may have been kismet, but January 20, the day on which, every fourth year since 1933, the President of the United States is inaugurated, is also Gossips' birthday! Since the public celebration of Barack Obama's second inauguration has been postponed until tomorrow, the day is free to celebrate the third anniversary of the inauguration of The Gossips of Rivertown.

On January 20, 2010, The Gossips of Rivertown published its first postThree years and 2,537 posts later, Gossips has become a source of information and entertainment that people with an interest in Hudson rely on and value. In the past year, Gossips had more than half a million pageviews, setting a record in April of 2,000 pageviews in a single day and then exceeding that number so many times we stopped counting. Recognizing its reach, people asked to advertise on Gossips, and Gossips happily obliged. Also last year, 130 readers showed their appreciation for Gossips' unique brand of hyperlocal news and commentary by setting their own subscription rate--anywhere from $10 to $250--and becoming "voluntary paid subscribers."

On its third anniversary, Gossips invites you to join the celebration of what may be Hudson's best read blog and add your name to the list of 2013 Subscribers. Just click on the "Donate" button in the right column. Your support--in any amount--is deeply and humbly appreciated.    

Gossips' third anniversary cake, created by Christine Jones of The Red Barn, came from LICK: The Market.


  1. Happy "Gossips" Birthday, Carole. You are a community asset and we don't know where we'd be without you, except to say, poorer off! Congratulations.

  2. We love our Gossips !
    Everyday reading and much appreciated
    thank you Carole

  3. Great going, Carole! Happy Birthday, Gossips!

    --peter m.

  4. Oh, I am so excited. Gossips of Rivertown and I have the the same Birthday!..
    Couldn't think of anything I'd rather share it with.
    Gossips is MVP of Hudson and I'd be lost without it.
    Thank-you ,Carole.

  5. Happy Birthday to Gossips! On the ball and target every day! Ruth Moser

  6. Congratulations Carole. Job very well done indeed.

  7. Keep on keeping on, Carole!

    Michael & Ruth

  8. Gossips is an institution, matchless and indispensable. By now you must have enough posts for 20 books.

    Congratulations and thanks, T

  9. Happy "B" Day Gossips aka CO !!!

  10. More than thirty years ago (in 1980), when we first saw Hudson, we were amazed by it and eventually settled there. Ten years later we were amazed again by changes we could not have imagined ten years before. Ten years after that, new strides forward, new amazing changes. Then ten years further on: still another Hudson, always reinventing itself for the better. Carole has been a part of that vitality for many many of those years, a vigilant advocate in the cause of preserving what Hudson has been, a thoughtful activist for what it could be. She is, as I said in a previous post, Hudson's best historian, unearthing the city's past in the service of its present. Everyone who came to Hudson over the last thirty years to contribute to the city's amazing changes can well be called civic treasures. In this treasury Carole brightly gleams. Carole has worked to preserve, discover, and record Hudson's history, and as our Gossip-in-Chief, she is informative without malice, diligent,thorough, accurate, and always interesting, reporting Hudson's daily wonders as well as its darker perturbations, and in so doing, it could well be said, she has indeed become the very conscience of the City. Happy Birthday, Madame Gossip.
    xxx Byrne

  11. I can't add to what Byrne says except to say indeed that Hudson is a richer and much better informed place because of Carole. Thank you, Carole for your diligence and perserverance.