Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Following Up: General Jones in Hudson

On December 27, 1912, the Hudson Evening Register reported that "after the visit to Albany" Rosalie Jones, a.k.a. General Jones, planned to return to Hudson where "she will be the guest of Mrs. Morgan Jones and she will organize the suffragettes in this district." General Jones carried out her plan, and on January 2, 1913, the following article appeared on the front page of the Evening Register.


Hudson has an organized suffrage movement. Yesterday at the residence of Mrs. A. V. S. Cochrane on East Allen street the women who are desirous of the ballot met. The meeting was under the auspices of Miss Rosalie Jones, better known as "General Jones," the young New York woman who headed the suffragettes on their walk from New York to Albany to deliver a message to Governor Sulzer.

Miss Jones addressed the large number of women present on the subject of suffrage and explained the working plans of an organization of this kind and the methods of organizing. The women organized here into an assembly district, the working plans being similar to those of the regular political parties.

Miss Eloise Payne of this city, was chosen chairman of the organization in this district and ward leaders or captains were elected from the residents of the several wards of the city. The ward captains elected were Mrs. Claudius Rockefeller, Mrs. O. H. Bradley, and Miss Belle O'Connor. Two others will be chosen later.

Gossips Note: Mrs. A. V. S. Cochrane was the wife of Judge Aaron V. S. Cochrane. They lived at 437 East Allen Street. Miss Eloise Payne was a teacher who lived at 38 South Fifth Street. Mrs. Claudius Rockefeller was married to a lawyer and resided at 604 Gifford Place (now Columbia Street). Mrs. O. H. Bradley was the wife of a physician, Dr. O. Howard Bradley. They resided at 813 Warren Street. Miss Belle O'Connor was Isabella O'Connor, the daughter of Michael J. O'Connor, the architect. At the beginning of 1913, she was 26 and lived with her parents at 455 East Allen Street.

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