Friday, January 4, 2013

More About the Fire at 233-235 Warren Street

Yesterday's post about the buildings that once stood on the site of Thurston Park managed to be both vague and inaccurate when it came telling when the fire that destroyed the buildings occurred. Fortunately, a reader, who was a volunteer firefighter in Hudson at the time, provided the correct information. The fire occurred in March 1973. Our source remembers it well because it was his first structure fire after joining one of Hudson's fire companies (there were six in those days) and recalls how the firefighters directed their efforts toward preventing the fire from spreading to the adjacent buildings. He told Gossips that, although the buildings suffered extensive damage from the fire, he was at the time surprised that they were torn down but added "that was at a time when Hudson was in decline, and it was quite common for the homeowner to just take the insurance money and make no effort to repair their property."

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