Sunday, January 13, 2013

Galvan Gallery 2013

In March 2010, almost three years ago, Gossips began its "Galloway Gallery" series, inventorying the real estate holdings of Eric Galloway and his various LLCs in Hudson. "Exhibits" were added to the gallery as Gossips got word that more property had been acquired. As the gallery grew, readers often expressed interest in seeing all the properties in one place. Today Gossips is obliging by listing all fifty parcels owned by Eric Galloway, the Galvan Initiatives Foundation, and Galvan Partners, as of January 10, 2013. 


345 Allen Street

345 Allen Street—Carriage House

620-624 State Street


Hudson Avenue—Little League Field

400 State Street

412-416 Warren Street

501-505 Union Street

20 North Fifth Street

61-65 North Fifth Street

67-71 North Fifth Street

76-78 North Fifth Street

72 North Fifth Street

State & North Fifth Streets—Armory

61-63 North Seventh Street

618 State Street

9 Union Street

21-23 Union Street

25 Union Street

113 Union Street

12 North Second Street

14 South First Street
20 South First Street and 24 South First Street

102 Union Street and 104 Union Street

251-253 Union Street

209-211 Union Street

34-36 South Second Street

238 Allen Street

250-252 Allen Street

68 South Second Street

346 Warren Street


22 Warren Street and 24 Warren Street

119-123 Union Street

202-204 Warren Street

238 Union Street

215 Union Street, 217-219 Union Street, and 216 Partition Street

213 Union Street

Deer Alley
(The land south of Deer Alley and behind the Robert Taylor House, 68 South Second Street.)
260 Warren Street
(Note: 260 Warren Street appears twice in the list of parcels, and it is not clear how the property has been subdivided.)
13 North Third Street

317½ Warren Street

354-356 Union Street

366-368 Warren Street and 370 Warren Street

438 Union Street


  1. The Little League field would make a fabulous dog park!

  2. Has anyone done a more in depth inventory of the amount of housing units/apartments that are vacant and not available to the market due to his purchases, and also what impact this has had? 90-110 units, or maybe more? Not sure. Just curious.