Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Curious About What Those Surveillance Tapes Show?

Last Tuesday, the Register-Star reported that the video from the City Hall break-in was public record and could be FOILed. Today, City Hall fulfilled FOIL requests. Gossips made a FOIL request and this afternoon took possession of a CD that contained the video. Victor Mendolia beat Gossips to the punch though and got the video and stills from the video on his blog first. So, rather than be redundant, Gossips is just going to send you to Diamond Street to see the show: "Who Broke into City Hall?"


  1. I hate to say it, but it sure looks like Quintin. The real question, though, is, What exactly did the prosecutors show the Grand Jury? Was there any other evidence gathered? Were there any fingerprint tests taken? Was anybody questioned? Alibis checked? Why did Quintin disappear for so long right after the break-in? In short, was there an investigation of the break-in or not? This video does not a case make, but it is surely a crucial piece of evidence. Were there other pieces?

  2. It is my understanding that the video is the only piece of evidence that has been deemed releasable under the FOIL law since there is an ongoing investigation. It is my understanding that Grand Jury proceedings are secret, so we may not get all the answers to Peter Meyer's questions. But clearly there remain more questions than answers.

    HPD does regular press releases on cases. Why none on this case? DA Czjaka loves press releases too. Why has he not explained what happened here?

    Is there really still an investigation going on? Hard to believe, since it's pretty obvious who did it. But those people were let go....again. WTF?

  3. Quintin would know where the camera was. So even if under duress or even perhaps plagued by the demon of drugs, he would know to close the door. His disappearance after his so-called casual appearance at HPD on the Monday morning after leaves his motives at doubt, and those of HPD.