Saturday, January 19, 2013

"Gimme Shelter"

Animalkind's headquarters and shelter for homeless cats at 721 Warren Street was extensively damaged in a fire last spring. Now the organization is mobilizing to rebuild, with the intent of making the shelter "even better than before." 

Animalkind describes its plans in this way: 
To prepare, we've done in-depth research on how to maximize cat health and minimize cat stress in a shelter environment. We've consulted with leading vets and shelters across the country on best practices. . . .
Instead of open floors, we're planning smaller rooms to house smaller cat communities--which have proven to reduce stress and infectious disease. We're rebuilding with high-tech impermeable materials throughout to improve hygiene and reduce infection. We're also building a fully operational surgical suite and infirmary so we can provide immediate care to the sick and injured . . . and perform spay/neuter on site.
To help finance the project, Animalkind has launched the GIMME SHELTER Rebuilding Drive, with the goal of raising $150,000.

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