Thursday, January 24, 2013

Point of View

Superintendent Rob Perry reported last night at the Common Council Public Works Committee meeting that a dead tree, clinging to the edge of the bank in riverfront park, had been removed, thus eliminating a minor obstruction to the view of the Holcim dock from Rick's Point.

This picture of the tree, partially cut, was taken during Superstorm Sandy and supplied to Gossips by Superintendent Perry.  


  1. At Last. An unobstructed view of the rotting tower and rotting top of the cement storage building. It is now much easier to see if or when these Holcim holdings collapse(hopefully not on man or beast).

  2. Better than waiting would be to put cables around them and pull them down, to the loud cheers of a crowd of city residents watching from the park.

  3. A cottonwood? I don't remember any dead trees there.

  4. If the tower is that close to Hudson's Riverfront Park & is a danger to man or beast should it collapse why hasn't the City of Hudson demanded that it be taken down.
    Of have they do so already?
    If not why not?

  5. The cement silo's remaining function as an extended middle finger to everything we're unable to accomplish as a community will outlast us all.

    At least it's useful to Hudson as a symbol, if a painful one.