Thursday, January 3, 2013

How to Handle Tom Gavin

Nathan Mayberg reports this morning in the Register-Star that after a three-hour executive session, the Hudson City School District Board of Education voted to give Thomas Gavin, the principal of Hudson High School who has been suspended since October 2012 because of allegations of sexual harassment and other misconduct, a temporary reassignment: "BOE reassigns Gavin to Questar III BOCES." Yesterday, Lynn Sloneker reported on her blog, Unmuffled, that HCSD has until today, January 3, to respond to Gavin's allegations that, among other things, his suspension was "arbitrary, capricious, irrational and contrary to education law." The parties have been ordered to appear in court on Tuesday, January 8.

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  1. "On Oct. 1, the evening before Gavin was placed on leave, the HCSD Board of Education discussed in executive session a resolution, passed after coming out of the executive session. The resolution read: 'Be it resolved by the BOE of the HCSD, that Questar III BOCES has agreed to assist in the conduct of an investigation into a sexual harassment complaint filed against employee number 10-1-2012...'" (Register-Star October 12, 2012)