Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Naming of Dogs

While pursuing something else on, I discovered this classified ad in the Hudson Evening Register for January 6, 1913.

I thought it amusing that a hundred years ago someone could guess that a herding dog might be called Shep and get it right. Of course, back then, the possibilities for dog names were probably limited to Rover, Fido, Lucky, Rex, Spot, and, of course, Shep, while today--a hundred years later--the dogs of Hudson have names like William, Lucy, Buckley, Daisy, Gus, Stella, Charlotte, Henry, Cedric, Psyche, Maybelline, Nelly, Norma, Walter, Beau, Charley, Bella, Lulu, Gershwin, Baxter, Quinn, Percy, Allegra, Phineas, Archie, Sophie, and Juliet--to name just a few.


  1. Allegra is thrilled to see her name on the list with all the other dogs in Hudson.