Monday, August 5, 2013

I Love the Sound of Chainsaws in the Morning

This morning, the chainsaws and weed whackers were at work at 364 Warren Street, cutting away every bit of foliage--magnolias, holly bushes, and other shrubs--from the courtyard in front of the former Register-Star building, soon to be the home of the Columbia-Greene Partnership Academy. So far, however, the pair of pin oak trees that grace the corner of Warren and Fourth have been spared.

Whodathunk that foliage might be an impediment to learning?


  1. How to be a good neighbor.
    1. Don't interact with your neighbors to be.
    2. Cut down the greenery.

    What a great example to set for the students.

  2. Typical modus operandi. Raze everything, bare the building. If the trees go then we know they're mad. What has Hudson done to deserve this kind of rape? We escaped the cement plant to be gobbled by greed,
    and it's not good.

  3. Interesting. Site an Academy for kids who are already facing problems right in the middle of the Hudson bar scene. Could this make problems for Helsinki and Back Bar, or for that matter Hudson Wine and American Glory? They probably all breach the 200 foot rule. Politics being what they are, I wouldn't want to have to renew my liquor license (or try for a new one)once a school has been established on Warren St. This is such a bad idea I can't even believe its happening.

  4. Also, I think a lot of kids act out because they want to prove they're adults. There is nothing more tempting than alcohol if you're 15 and trying to prove something. Is the city simply ignoring the fact that these kids are going to be in the middle of a leisure district that promotes alcohol consumption? I just don't get it.