Monday, August 19, 2013

Meeting Reminder

The panel discussion and public forum about locating "The Bridge," an alternative learning program for students from the Hudson City School District and the Catskill Central School District, in the former Register-Star building at the corner of Warren and Fourth streets happens tonight at 6 p.m. at the Central Firehouse, 77 North Seventh Street. The agenda for the meeting can be viewed here.


  1. Also to include students from what is called the Berkshire Union Free School otherwise known as Berkshire School for Boys a facility that is a detention home for boys placed there by the Court System/s.

  2. This facility will be comprised of students from Hudson and Catskill who were already being bused daily to BUFSD in Canaan as they have needs that cannot be met in their home districts, as well as students from Hudson and from Greene County who have been identified as at-risk who will participate in The Bridge's alternative learning program. Students from Berkshire School for Boys are not going to be bused to Hudson to attend The Bridge.