Saturday, August 10, 2013

Smoke and Miserere

Gossips has covered the unhappy situation caused by smoke issuing from Fish & Game, and so has the Register-Star. Today, Sam Pratt reports that Peter Wurster, Hudson code enforcement officer, has dismissed the complaints brought by neighbors against the restaurant.


  1. Melinda Slover submitted this comment:

    It should be noted that the main stack/exhaust vent was not to code at Fish & Game. This was determined by Joseph McGrath, regional Engineering for NYS Dept. of Code Enforcement on 7/10/03. This past Wednesday, 8/7, F&G finally corrected the vent by extending it to a proper height and turned the vent easterly (toward 3rd street). Because of this corrective action Peter Wurster lifted the infraction because Fish & Game's mechanical exhaust system is now compliant with NYS Building Code. Unfortunately for Fish & Game's immediate neighbors this fix does not alleviate the "smoke house problem" but "they are to code" now.

    Melinda Slover
    lili and loo

  2. "Hollowville" - suburb of Claverack - was first called "Smoky Hollow" - for all the wood smoke that would cover the hollow in the 18th and 19th c.

    The name was changed in the victorian period by an influential postal employee who found the name an embarrassment.