Saturday, August 31, 2013

Why Would Someone Do This?

By now, everyone has probably heard this awful story. The Register-Star first reported it yesterday afternoon. All the Albany TV stations reported it on the news last night and this morning--Channel 6, Channel 10, and Channel 13.

Police discovered this dog, said to be a pit bull/boxer mix, tied to the inside of the fence bordering the Holcim dock down at the waterfront, shortly after midnight on Friday morning. The dog had been starved and then apparently left to die--tied where it was unlikely to be easily spotted and rescued.

The dog is now at the Columbia-Greene Humane Society and is expected to recover from the ordeal, but the police want to find the person responsible. The TV news coverage provides many more pictures of the dog, and there are pictures posted at the Hudson police station in the 400 block of Warren Street. If you recognize this dog and know its owner, please let the police know. You can submit the information anonymously at (518) 828-3388 or on the detectives' tip line at (518) 828-9900 or online by clicking here.

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