Thursday, August 8, 2013

Scheduling Conflict

Many people fear the change of use proposed for 364 Warren Street will have a negative impact on the business community. In a way, it already is having such an effect.

A special meeting of the Planning Commission to review the site plan for the alternative learning school is happening tonight, Thursday, August 8--on the same night as the Sunset Soiree, a seven store open house to introduce and celebrate three new businesses clustered together in the 400 block of Warren Street--Harvey's Counter, ec•o•sys•tem, and Laloon--and the new location of Kosa. The other shops participating in the festive event, which includes refreshments and music, are OTTO, TK Home & Garden, and Hudson & Laight Gallery.

Two of the shops--Harvey's Counter and Kosa--are located in the newly restored storefronts at 443 Warren Street, and that another cause for celebration. Only months ago, the building looked like this.

Now the "remuddled" storefronts have been restored to their original configuration.

Gossips finds this restoration particularly gratifying since it was guided by a photograph of the building discovered in a 1905 city directory and published on The Gossips of Rivertown.

On the topic of scheduling conflicts, all is not lost. The special meeting of the Planning Commission, which Planning Commission chair Don Tillson makes clear in today's Register-Star is not a public hearing and will not entertain public comment, begins at 6:30 p.m. The Sunset Soiree is from 7 to 9 p.m. So, with any luck, you can go the City Hall to observe the proceedings and still have time to be part of the celebration.


  1. I really can not believe that the Alt. Ed. program is on the table for Warren Street when we have better facilities to house such a program. If we really want this type of program.

    Has the reality of increased gang activity, drug dealing, and violence been addressed yet. If they say there will be no increase, (I am laughing and shaking my head) what happens when reality sets in and we have a huge problem on Warren Street. I have worked in an inner city school for 22 years. I have witnessed and experienced the gang activity, drug dealing, drug use, and violence with the student population that is in alt. ed. or ends up there. This proposal brings other school districts problems and concentrates them on Warren Street.

  2. Wonderful restoration. I remember the boarded windows when there were apartments inside. It's taken about 20 years since Main Street came to town and told us that was not a good idea. Congratulations to the new owners.

  3. From what I have seen going on seven years now, drugs, crime and violence are much reduced and the city is much improved. There is more to a city than shops and restaurants. I don't see how a learning center at this location does harm to anything, except the credibility of those opposing it.

  4. Well readers of GOR the same corner of 4th &
    Warren at one time, early 1800's?, housed the City jail & the local criminals.
    The square was also used to carry out sentencing of criminals & public display of same. I was told that a hanging took place in the square too, but can not attest to it.
    The City of Hudson's businesses & it's good citizens survived the House of Detention, so I do believe that having a "school" located there will not put fear in the mind of Hudsonians nor visitors to the area Monday thru Friday, less holidays & Summer vacation.

  5. I am truly hoping that the proposed ALP works without a hitch. I am very invested in Hudson; I grew up here, and now own a lovely home with incredible neighbors. I am not trying to add a blemish to your ideal image, but Hudson was also famous for its Red Light district, as well as, a popular hangout for such nice men as Leggs Diamond. And this is as pertinent as the building being used for a jail and a place for hangings in the 1800’s. All I want, in regards to the ALP, is a real opportunity for the students to thrive, and an honest look at the reasons we are putting it on Warren Street. Is it truly for the benefit of the students it will serve? I’m just asking the question.

  6. To Barb. "Is it truly for the benefit of the students it will serve? I’m just asking the question." It sure sounds from your previous comment that your concerns are exactly opposite whether the program will benefit the children. It sounds like you are more concerned with trading in hysterical fear and a whole host of offensive assumptions.