Monday, August 12, 2013

Torn Between Two Meetings

There are two meetings tonight: the HCSD Board of Education meeting and the Common Council informal meeting. Both begin at 7 p.m.

At the Board of Education meeting, Maria Suttmeier, HCSD superintendent, and Bruce Potter, superintendent of the Berkshire Union Free School District, are scheduled to update the board on the plans for the Columbia-Greene Partnership Academy. This presentation is a report to the board and only board members will be permitted to ask questions. The presentation comes early in a very long agenda, but attendees who want to speak on this issue or any other will have to wait through two "instructional conversations" (one of which has to do with the district's 2013 ELA and math test results), an executive session (the BOE's executive sessions are notoriously long), and four items of old business before a "Public Forum" is scheduled. The agenda explains the rules that govern participation in this part of the meeting when public comment is permitted.

With only twenty-three days left before the Columbia-Greene Partnership Academy is hoping to open in the former Register-Star building, Suttmeier is promising to "host more than one round table discussion dedicated to the ALP questions very soon." According to Suttmeier, she is working with Council president Don Moore to organize these discussions, and Moore has agreed to moderate them. What a concept--but, if the goal of these discussions is do anything other than try to convince people to be comfortable about having an ALP school in the middle of Hudson's revitalized business district, this is coming several months too late. 

Meanwhile, at tonight's informal meeting of the Common Council, the items on the agenda so far include the introduction of two new laws (renter protection and site plan review), resolutions about financing and budget transfers, and a status report on the plans for the police and court building. The City has until the end of August to complete its due diligence and decide whether or not to buy the building at 701 Union Street.


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  1. ...the city is broke, money needed for police cars and DPW trucks, land must be sold to balance the books, yet somewhere under a rock at Oakdale the city has 670K to spend buying a tin can that needs two million dollars and a kiss from a prince before we call it the "justice center". how about keeping the building site we already own at 4th and State St., better location, and the tin can stays on the tax rolls? the city couldn't create a "pocket park" at 3rd and Columbia, vacant lot assessed at 17K, because it was too much money lost if it came off the books. 470K, assessed, vs. 17K, and these people seek re-election?
    it just so happens that i was shopping for a metal building myself last month and with a click i found a really nice one on Ebay! U.S. Steel Buildings will make you a big one, custom design, engineered to your needs, for 54K. well that's the one they had in the picture that looks just like the new Hudson fire station so maybe ours will be a little more.