Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Disassembling of 900 Columbia Street

Gossips missed a day in documenting the "disassembling" (some might call it the demolition) of 900 Columbia Street, but here is how the building looked at about 7 p.m. today.

That little American flag stuck in the window opening over the front door is such a nice touch. It should make us all feel proud.



  1. When social scientists want to study the origins of "shamelessness," they can come to Hudson. You'd be hard--pressed to find a better example of spineless disregard for a community than this demolition. Worse: the community has such little self-regard that it stands mute in the face of the defacement!

  2. Forgive me if I'm new to this and behind the curve, but, according to your earlier story, the GalVan Company got permission to move the building a year ago to one of the historic neighborhoods? And the permission is good for a year, but they got an extension to October?

    I think that was for the building the way they presented it, not without a roof and windows. And they won't get it done in time. Sad how the nice old building was lost. Important to make sure there isn't some reconstructed junk in its place. That would be inappropriate.

  3. It will be a parking lot in its place - so lovely to behold, hot tarmac and shining cars, while a graceful old dame gets torn apart. Shame, shame, shame.