Friday, August 2, 2013

The Corporation Strikes Back

Last week, Sam Pratt brought media attention to the memorandum from the Environmental Management Council to the Columbia County Board of Supervisors about the fire that occurred a year ago at the TCI facility in Ghent. Stating that "there have been few, if any, man-made environmental incidents in Columbia County equaling the TCI fire in Ghent measured by the potential for creating immediate hazards to responders, residents, agriculture, and the larger environment," the memo recommends strategies to "avert the recurrence of such an event."

The Register-Star today reports on TCI attorney Bill Better's response to the memorandum: "TCI attacks EMC memo." Better accuses the Environmental Management Council of, among other things, "recklessness and discourtesy." According to Better, the EMC should have invited TCI to its meetings and shared the memo with TCI before releasing it to the press, which, he says, would have helped them avoid "numerous factual and analytical errors."

The full text of Better's letter can be accessed at


  1. Better’s letter is not just legally laughable. Iit takes some real chutzpah for any representative of a company like TCI to accuse others of “recklessness.”

    Here's a detailed breakdown of the intellectually dishonest (or maybe just dumb) lines of argument on display in Better’s letter:


  2. I read the letter. This is so outrages...I can not comment here. It just touches everything that is way beyond. wrong.No truth,no trust.
    I just wanted to thank you for saying on this story,Sam Pratt . This is important.