Sunday, August 11, 2013

Official Opening, Officious Complaint

Tonight from 6 to 8 p.m. is the grand opening of the Democrats' 2013 campaign headquarters, located at 6 South Second Street. It is expected that the candidates and the party faithful will turn out in force to commence the 2013 campaign season.

The story making the rounds is that the location of the Democratic headquarters is causing Mayor William Hallenbeck some consternation. The storefront is located in a building owned by Housing Resources, and the mayor allegedly paid a visit to Stephanie Lane, executive director, to tell her he felt the situation was inappropriate and to remind her that Housing Resources owed the City money. As the story goes, Lane explained to the mayor that it was commercial space, it was available, and the Democrats rented it.

Hallenbeck may be upset because the space used by the Republicans last year as their headquarters--449 Warren Street, which belongs to Eric Galloway's Lantern Organization--is currently undergoing transformation into the Hudson Arcade and isn't available this year.  


  1. There are election laws that specify whether or not the arrangement is "appropriate." Whatever the law says, there's your answer.

    1. Sorry I can't, I don't know those laws.

      I'm thinking of the level of law that restricts a Congressional office from being established within so many feet of its campaign office, if that's not too vaguely put. I'm repeating it second-hand.

      Whatever that law is, it's likely federal. But mightn't state election laws track federal laws concerning the fine-points of campaign offices? Then again, New York seems to be a mess.

      But look at all of these laws! There must be something in all of this which applies:

  2. Sorry,
    this is off topic. .Although Housing Resources is an essay in itself.
    It's the second photo ,I am reacting to.It's strange to see all that Hallenbeck signage on Galloway's ..whatever it's going to be..on 5th & Warren. Since that job began there have never been any building permits posted.even though that crew broke a well marked National Grid gas line.with a backhoe..that shut down the area.It's the same crew of Galloway's that started renovations ..let alone demolition (and are also Galloways landscapers)...with no permits on Register Star Bldg.,and Galloway's 260 Warren. All permits only appear..after being questioned, and mostly are bogus.
    There has never been one building permit posted..ever, on "Arcade" A couple of days ago I asked an electrician coming out of one the 2 fancy Electrical Co. he was going into the worksite.."Hey.Where are the building permits?"..He answered, "this guy is too rich to need any."

  3. HDC's million dollar Shrimp Box has vacant space and owes the city (taxpayers) money? Wow, what a shock.