Tuesday, December 10, 2013

And the Winners Are . . .

The Hudson Opera House has announced the winners in the 17th Annual Winter Walk Window Decorating Contest. The winning displays, chosen by anonymous judges, are: 

Best in Show
Stair Galleries, 547-549 Warren Street

Best Christmas Tree
Fish & Game, 13 South Third Street

Best Here Today Gone Tomorrow: The Pop Up Shops of Hudson
Spruce Ridge Farm, 255 Warren Street
Cedar Farm Holiday Shop, 253 Warren Street
Cashmere in Hudson, 502 Warren Street

Best Traditional
Lili and Loo, 259 Warren Street

The Sparkliest
Shana Lee Jewelry, 315 Warren Street

The Most Elegant (Inside and Out)
Rural Residence, 316 Warren Street

Best New Year's Countdown
Vince Mulford Antiques, 419 Warren Street

Best Retro Display
George Antiques, 438 Warren Street

Best Dressed
Kosa, 443 Warren Street

Best Whistle Stop
Elijah Slocum, 504 Warren Street

Most Unusual Nativity
Ziesenitz, 532 Warren Street

Most Nonsensical
Stephen McKay and Abel Ramirez, 554 Warren Street

Best North Pole Theme
Finch, 613 Warren Street

Best Vintage Display
The Antique Underground, 711 Warren Street

Best Window with No Shop
Wolves Howling at the Winter Moon, 743 Columbia Street
tied with
Norwegian Alpine Forest, 557 Warren Street

The Sweetest
Vasilow's Confectionary, 741 Columbia Street

Honorable Mentions
Ca' Mea (Most Edible), Carousel Antiques (for the White Goddess in the Looking Glass), de Marchin (for cleverness), Santa's Village on the Town Green (for entertaining the kids . . . again)

Photo of Best in Show window (with Lisa Durfee as the Winter Night Fairy) by Walter Hill

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