Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Following Up on the Abused and Abandoned Dog

At the end of August, Gossips reported the disturbing story of a dog that had apparently been starved and left to die, tied to the Holcim fence down at the waterfront. By sheer good fortune, the dog was discovered by a Hudson police officer, rescued, and delivered to the Columbia-Greene Humane Society. (And his abusers were subsequently identified and arrested.)

Browsing the Columbia-Greene Humane Society website today, Gossips discovered that the dog, called Aleric and weighing a healthy 76 pounds, was made available for adoption in November. 

The website describes Aleric's transformation from August to November: 
Aleric was frightened and unsocial, unwilling to trust visitors, even those that came bearing treats. . . . He is [now] happier and has discovered what a "real" dog's life entails: playing with toys, going for long walks, and lots and lots of well-deserved affection. Aleric will need a home without young children and without a lot of people coming and going; he would prefer a low-key mellow home to relax and spend the rest of his days in. He will need a home experienced with dogs, seeing as he came from such deplorable conditions and he does not know exactly how to be a "dog" just yet.
Aleric is still listed on the website among the dogs available for adoption. He may have already been adopted, but a call to the shelter to find out has not been returned. Let's hope that, if Aleric has not already found a loving home, he will soon. Happy new year, Aleric!

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