Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Snow Emergency Woes

On Sunday and twice on MondayGossips reported the experience of one resident (moi) trying to follow the snow emergency regulations to the letter. After a harrowing trip down Warren Street late yesterday afternoon, it was clear that things were better in my little corner of Hudson than they were elsewhere in the city. In today's Register-Star, John Mason reports the complaints of residents, business owners, and their representatives on the Common Council about snow removal and the explanations and counter complaints of the mayor and the DPW superintendent: "City draws criticism for problems with snow clearing."

Hyperlocal Update: The snow thrower and its entourage of dump trucks passed by Gossips Central at 8:37 a.m., removing snow from the even side of the street. As the snow begins again, this block is in pretty good shape.


  1. They cleared the even side because everyone (well almost) was parked where they should be on the 17th, the odd side.
    Again, had the snow emergency coincided with the usual even/odd parking regulations most of the confusion never would have happened.

  2. Dini and Windle, I couldn't agree with you more! If everyone was already parked on the odd side why in the world would the snow emergency require everyone to move to the even side by 8:00 am??? We were away for the weekend and rushed home early to move my car so it wouldn't be towed .... in retrospect, why?