Monday, December 9, 2013

New York Energy Highway Update

On Friday, December 6, the Public Service Commission extended the schedule for comments on scoping. The new deadline for submitting comments is February 21, 2o14. 


  1. The PSC did the right thing for communities staring into these proposals.

    Slightly different for us though, since Hudson nearly missed an opportunity. Now we'll have time to consider actually supporting an industry proposal to bury the Athens-Mt. Merino transmission lines beneath the Hudson River.

    Is there anyone living who can recall the Catskills from here without transmission lines marring the view?

    All this requires of us is to express support for a proposal the company is already evaluating. Public support, or the lack thereof, will enter into the evaluation.

    Because the proposal to go submarine is free from controversy, there's no reason why the Common Council shouldn't also voice its strongest show of support. Something official from city government would go a long way.

    The reward may be far off, but try to imagine the 19th-century view to the Catskills being returned to us in the 21st-century.

    In my own comment I'll mention the city's erstwhile view in relation to the birth of American landscape painting in and around Hudson. It's a compelling argument if anyone else would like to make it too (or maybe even everyone!).

    Following is the Public Service Commission comment form for this specific proposal.

  2. Very decent of the city to have listed the latest development on the homepage under "news," and to provide so many useful links:

    It's possible this is something everyone can get behind.