Thursday, December 5, 2013

News from an Urban Garden

Despite the drizzle and gloom, two colorful handpainted murals went up on the fence of the Hudson Community Garden today, and more are on the way.

The Register-Star reported today that the Hudson Community Garden has signed a lease for 2014 with HCDPA (Hudson Community Development & Planning Agency): "Community garden gets 1-year lease." This would seem to be good news, but, as garden directors Vanessa Baehr and Sarah Falkner point out, "It's the same lease we've had over the years which stipulates it can be broken at any time to be developed." Also, HCDPA executive director Sheena Salvino recently informed them that a good part of the parcel which has been developed as a garden over the past two decades is not included in the lease.

HCDPA meets tonight at 6:30 at City Hall.


  1. So apparently it's the "passive solar" component of the Habitat for Humanity proposal that requires the community garden's site above any other.

    Am I alone in seeing an absurd irony and myopia in this?

  2. Apparently it's the "passive solar" component of Habitat's proposal that's driving its ambition to acquire the community garden site.

    Can anyone else spot the absurd irony?

    It's time for someone to state the obvious, that there's self-aggrandizement in their motives. Some people just need to look in the mirror each evening and say things like, "I moved the world towards a passive solar future today."

    In the film "Baby Mama," Steve Martin plays the insufferable founder of a hugely successful health food company who says things like "I was swimming this morning with the dolphins in Costa Rica, and I realized something. I am a great man. And great men do great things."

    Do any of Habitat's directors even live in Hudson? Why are they so motivated to reverse the priorities clearly laid out in the city's Comprehensive Plan?