Saturday, December 28, 2013

No Holiday from Tickets

Yesterday, when I saw one of the parking officers walking along Warren Street, I wondered why he and his colleagues hadn't just been given a month's vacation. Parking at meters was free for the month of December. How many chances would they get to issue tickets?

This morning, a reader reported that on Partition Street, which is often treated more like an alley than a street and people tend to be more casual about parking, a parking officer was issuing $15 tickets to cars parked heading in the wrong direction. You can't keep people from doing what it's their job to do.


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  2. I think I have a way to fight this if anyone would like to join me.

    1. do you mean fight tickets in general, or fight the ones on Partition St?

    2. Or do I mean to fight taxes in general? (Tickets are a tax.)

      I mean to start small for now, by explaining to the city that it made a mistake in this instance.

      After all, what is the final cost of ambushing otherwise law-abiding residents?