Friday, December 13, 2013

Sunday at Kite's Nest

A couple of months ago, Sara Kendall emailed me looking for a simple map of Hudson that showed the city's grid pattern. She wanted it for a model-building project she was doing with kids at Kite's Nest, the end product of which she predicted would be "a sort of child's fantasy version of Hudson." I had a map that fit the bill, so I delivered it to her at Kite's Nest, and since then I've been looking forward to seeing how the kids would build out Hudson. This weekend, I get the chance. 

On Sunday, December 15, Kite's Nest is having an end-of-season exposition. All are invited to come to 108 South Front Street to see what the kids at Kite's Nest have been up to over the past ten weeks. You can visit the cardboard city, which is what I've been looking forward to doing, build fires, write collaborative stories, and sample some delectables. Sounds like a whole lot of fun, and admission is free.

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